25. AUGUST 2022

Why Your Self-Image is Key to Manifest Your Dream Life

Create a new self-image and let the self-image become the key to living a better life.

All your actions, feelings, behaviors and even your abilities are always consistent with your self-image. It is so important to know that your self-image creates your reality. How you think about yourself creates your reality. A person who thinks of himself as a failure, despite all his good intentions or willpower, will find a way to fail even if opportunity literally falls in his lap. The person who conceives himself a victim of injustice, one who was meant to suffer, will invariably find circumstances to verify his opinion. And this is where the RAS comes in. The reticular activation system confirms to you in your outer reality beliefs that you have about yourself and about other people. If you think about yourself as being successful, you will show up as a successful person. If you are not happy with your reality you have to change the image you have of yourself.

Fake it until you make it.

This basically means that you have to keep telling yourself something until you feel that it is real. And when it feels real to you its starts to show up in your life. The RAS is always trying to confirm your beliefs. If you think this world is a scary place to live, you will attract circumstances that confirm that disbelief. If you believe that this world is a beautiful place, that people like you, and that you have so many enriching experiences with others, you will attract circumstances that make you feel blessed. So ask yourself: Through what lens do I see life? Is it gray or pink? If you want to be successful in your business, you have to create a new self-image.

I am the best at what I do. I crash it! I am successful right now. People love to pay attention to me and what I create. People admire me, etc.

So if you want to make your self-concept work for you and not against you, you have to create new powerful beliefs. Here we want to give you some really powerful beliefs about yourself:

The first one we want to give you is: I always get what I want

The second one is: I manifest immediately

The third belief that you can install in your mind is: I am always supported

And the last on is: I always make more money than I spend

You have to know that your mind has only one job, and that is to do what you tell it to do. The next time you find yourself thinking unpleasant thoughts, ask yourself: Is that the ultimate truth?